Keypad 3×4


This 12-button keypad provides a useful human interface component for microcontroller projects. The buttons on a keypad are arranged in rows and columns. A 3X4 keypad has 4 rows and 3 columns.

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Rubber-domes beneath each button provide satisfying key travel with each button press. Each key is emblazoned with a legible white character molded into its surface.
The single-row 0.1-inch-pitch solder pads are breadboard friendly. Only eight of the ten solder pads carry signals – the solder pads on the ends of the row are purely for mechanical attachment.


  • Working Voltage: 3 – 5V DC
  • 8-PIN MRconnect hole
  • Mounting Hole Diameter : 2mm
  • Dimensions: Keypad: 68mm x 51mm
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C