Photoelectric sensor lot Infrared IR correlation count sensor module


Correlation photoelectric Infrared count sensor module is a high-quality infrared Counter module at a very cheap price which comes with tiny size and integrated LM 393 chip.

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It works as,

1. The OUT pin is a low level when there is no object between the photoelectric sensor, and the red LED is lit.
2. The OUT pin is a high level when there is an object between the photoelectric sensor, and the green LED is not bright.
3. The OUT port can be connected to MCU directly, Than MCU can calculate how many circles the smaller car has run per unit

Note: The sensitivity is not adjustable.

Reference parameters:
Long size: 25mm X width 20mm X height 16mm
Main chip: LM393, infrared beam head
Operating voltage: DC 3-5V
Groove width: 9mm

1, with signal output instructions.
2, single signal output.
3, the output signal is active low.
4, the sensitivity is not adjustable.
5, can be used for workpiece counting, motor speed.
6, circuit board output switch!